I Appreciate You…

There are people in this world that take life for granted. I can honestly say that I have been one to take life and the people around me for granted at times. Luckily, it doesn’t last long and I am quick to show my appreciation. I’m not talking about fake materialistic appreciation. I mean the kind of appreciation that cannot be touched or tasted or even bought, it’s simply just TIME. Our most valuable resource in life is our time. We cannot get a minute nor a second back once it’s passed. Neither is the next second or minute promised to any of us. So I say this to tell everyone that if God took me today, I APPRECIATE ALL OF YOU!!

This post was inspired by a man that I grew up wanting to be like on the football field, a man that electrified a city by a simple strike in the air of his fist, a man that I shared a locker-room with in New England, and a man that I respected for his overwhelming hospitality to anyone he ever met. He was taken from this earth too soon, and seeing the pain his family is going through, only makes me cherish every moment I can spend with my family, hug them, laugh with them, or simply call family/friends and hear their voices on the other end. His family can’t do that anymore. So I encourage us all, including myself, to appreciate each other and not take our time on this earth for granted. I Love You All!!!

Thank you Juniior Seau for being a good example on how to treat the people that God brings in our lives, and for being an inspiration to us all. You’ve now “Graduated” to the heavens! May God bless your soul!


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