Call it a Lucky 2012…

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. All I can say is, God has definitely blessed me so far in 2012. He has provided new opportunities, along with new people in my life that have put me in a position to succeed. I have come a long way from from being a walk on at SDSU, and being cut by four different NFL teams, to becoming an entrepreneur, DJ, model, and actor.

Modeling for Chanel in Las Vegas

Modeling in Las Vegas for Chanel

It is an amazing feeling when everything you work for and put your time into starts to come to fruition. Some people might say it’s luck and in my case I will agree. Since I believe that the definition of “Luck”is “when preparation meets opportunity.” I have prepared myself for whatever opportunity may come my way, and most importantly, God is providing the opportunity. I am not saying that I deserve these opportunities, but I will say I try my best to be ready for anything. It all started with my first national commercial (click hereto watch), followed by a couple modeling jobs, and a trip to the Grammy’s.

The 2012 Grammy Awards

I just want to say a special thanks to all those people have prayed for me and supported me through the ups and downs over the years. This isn’t the end for me and I will never stop improving. I will always stay positive, and you already know I “Respect the Journey”!

NFL Super Bowl Commercial with Director Peter BergModeling in Las Vegas for ChanelThe 2012 Grammy AwardsDr. Pepper commercial


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