Commercial of the ages…

Jim Thorpe (Robert J. Ortiz) on set

This whole week I was in Los Angeles shooting a commercial for the NFL, which will air during this year’s Super Bowl. It begins in the early 1900’s and finishes in the present day, featuring various star players from throughout the decades. It features players such as: Gayle Sayers, Rick Upchurch, Deion Sanders, and Ollie Matson, to name a few. We had the opportunity to dress up in the old school uniforms all the way up to the modern day attire. I was chosen to play Jim Thorpe, who was “the world’s greatest athlete.” It was an honor to play such a talented, well respected man, who changed the world with his athletic ability. Although, we were creating a timeless piece of history that will only last a few seconds, there was only the best behind the camera shooting this slice of life. I can”t wait to see the finished product. I truly believe that this commercial of the ages will be a timeless piece of art for the ages.

Peter Berg, Jim Thorpe (Robert J. Ortiz), and Allan Graf on set


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