Take a look at your life, the memories you have, the experiences you have been through, and the people you have lost. Tell me which one of those instances you can get back. Let me help you out…None. You can try & re-create memories, or watch videos & look at pictures, but you can never get that specific moment in time back. Time continues to move and does not wait for anyone. Money on the other hand, comes & goes, and you are able to get it back at some point, if you really want to get it back. Which proves that “Time” is more valuable than money.

Take a second to reflect on the people that are still in your life that you need to share some of this special time with. Take a moment to reflect on the time you have now to make a difference in others & your life, or even taking the time to do something as simple as putting a smile on someone else’s face. Everyone always says I’ll do it later, but in all reality, nothing is guaranteed. So today I’m encouraging everyone that is reading this post to STOP, REFLECT, and DO. Whatever that means to you (call someone, visit someone, work on something, etc.), like Nike says “Just do it.”

Don’t forget to smile while doing so. It will make you feel amazing, along with the people around you. Have a blessed day!


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