Expedition Finale…

Well, as you all know, my team “The Football Players” came in fourth place to finish off this summer’s “Expedition Impossible.” It wasn’t the result I was expecting or hoping for, but it happened unfortunatley. Watching it on television was tough, but not as tough as it was to watch how ABC made it look like we were close to team “No Limits” and still in it until Akbar fell off the horse. Unfortunately, our luck wasn’t that good in the finale. We were actually an hour or so behind everyone. Trust me…if we were that close, Akbar would have jumped back on his horse. We were so far behind everyone, once he hit the ground, we knew that it was over for us. His health was more important than any competition.

It was nice to see “No Limits” finish in the place they did. I was hoping that they would for sure beat the Gypsies, since the Gypsies were the favorites going into the finale. I’m proud of them for withstanding the hardships they encountered. Great job fellas!!! They are the heroes in this competition.

My message to Mark Burnett and ABC is…Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this expedition. I hope that this is the beginning of a successful franchise. Anything that team Football Players can do to help make future seasons succesful, please don’t hesitate to ask.

My message to the fans…Thank you so much for watching “Expedition Impossible” every Thursday and making it a successful summer television show. I appreciate all the fans that have contacted me over the past few months, and supported my team the Football Players. I’m happy that we could inspire some of you to get active.

My message to everyone…Stay positive and ALWAYS Respect the Journey!


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