Secret Weapon…

Hello everyone!! I hope your week started off on the right foot and you are filled with positive energy. This week I want to highlight someone that has made huge steps towards success. He inspires me as an entrepreneur, and continues to impress me every time I speak to him. He is from Louisville, Kentucky but now I’m proud to say he is a San Diego native. He has taken a simple blog site from a from nothing to one of the hottest blogs on the web, called “Buzz-Beast” (Click on the link & go to his “Our Cause” tab).

After investing his energy, talent, and time into his blog, he received a call from a local San Diego company called Deuce Brand. He used his marketing/networking abilities to help their company create opportunities worldwide. With him on their team Deuce Brand has landed accounts with the NBA, College Organizations across the United States, among being sold in well known retail stores, and gettting their product on some of the top athletes & celebrities, in the world. I’d like to introduce you to my friend and distant distant distant distant cousin, Sean Walser A.K.A. “SW” which is short for his name or what I like to call him, the “Secret Weapon.” He is definitely ahead of the game, and gives any company an edge on the competition.



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