90 years in the making…

Are there any people out there that inspire you to live healthier, smile more often, and inspire you to live life to the fullest? I know a few people that do those thing for me. The first person on my list is my 90 year old grandfather, Frank S. Sanchez. He has done so much in his life, and he continues to be independent at his ripe old age. Although, you can tell he is slowing down, he is still doing more things that most people his age stopped doing years before. You can find him most of the time gracing the sidelines at the Del Mar race track, calling the winners of each race. He calls it his “Therapy” and I guess it has been an effective stress reliever for him. If you sat down & talked to him, he would probably share with you that he never gets sick, doesn’t over eat, doesn’t drink alcohol, and doesn’t have a worry in the world, which is the reason he is still around and youthful. It’s the real example of “Winning”! My grandfather makes me smile every time I see him, and he motivates me to keep myself healthy, so that I can tell my great great grandchildren about him. The fact that some people never get a chance to know their grandparents, it makes me more appreciative about having mine still around to help me learn & understand more about who I am and where I came from. Thanks gramps!

Stay tuned because tomorrow I am going to share more about other individuals that inspire me. There is a company, along with it’s founder, who I want you all to meet. It may be the reason you and your children may make it to see 90 years old, like Grandpa Frank.


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