Get ready for the snow…

The past few episodes you have witnessed us trekking through the HOT desert, repelling off steep mountains, kayaking down a river, and riding on crazy animals. Now, we are taking you to the freezing cold Atlas mountains, where the altitude reaches up to 13,671 ft and spreads a distance of 1,500 miles across Morocco. The sight of these monstrous mountains definitely discouraged me, but also motivated me at the same time.

Being an athlete, there are time I was intimidated before even stepping foot on the field, but once I was in the midst of competition, I had to use that insecurity/weak moment as motivation to conquer the obstacle in front of me. That is exactly, what happened when Dave Salmoni (the host) presented our next challenge is going to be up & over the massive bump on the ground. I had a weak moment for a second, but as soon as he said the words “your expedition continues, Now!” all of that negativity disappeared and I was in the zone.
I look forward to seeing how it all comes together in this episode. I can honestly say that this stage might have been the toughest one, yet. Have a great day & enjoy the show tonight!


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