I Don’t Know How to Ride This Thing!

Tonight, episode 3 airs, and from what I remember this is going to be a pretty funny episode. I can honestly say that we had some embarrassing moments in this episode. We are faced with a new kind of camel, a little adversity, and some crazy sandstorms. The temperature also begins to drop, while we race through a canyon running in waist deep water.

I know everyone is probably wondering why we haven’t come in first place yet, but honestly, the producers of E.I. did a great job of evening the playing field. There were times when raw size & strength benefited in a challenge, but then there were times when being large in size or muscular worked against teams in a challenge. Expedition Impossible was a very fair playing field, where a blind guy can compete against elite athletes (that can see), and a team of females can compete against a team of heroic firemen. At different points in this expedition, even if ABC doesn’t show it, teams begin to team up and compete against the land & elements, rather than competing against each other.


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