Episode 2…Light My Way

Well, if you weren’t watching Expedition Impossible last night, you missed some action (Watch the full episodes, here). This episode we were riding horses, carrying buckets of water SHIRTLESS, and kayaking down a river to a finish line that was hidden. Of course, there were things that you didn’t see again, but there was too much good footage, so unfortunately you will not get to. What I will fill you in on is…My team, the football players, fell to the back of the pack (last place) at one point in the episode and we worked our way back up to the front of the pack by the end of the episode. You couldn’t really tell, but I am proud of my teammates (Akbar Gbaja-Biamila & Ricky Sharpe) for staying positive and pushing themselves back to the front of the pack. Also, I had a few mishaps with the horses myself that the cameras never caught. I was bucked off my horse twice, the second time being the scariest and most painful. I thought I broke my arm at one point, but I shook it off and kept it moving.

Lastly, one of the funniest things I ever watched was my teammate, Akbar Gbaja-Biamila, trying to kayak down the shallow river. He continued to get stuck, spin in circles, and fall out of his kayak. I think it is safe to say he spent more time out of the kayak, than inside of it. The more I tried not to laugh, the harder I laughed. I’m Sorry Akbar!!! I had to share it with our fans. Other than that, the hidden finish line helped us pass the “Fab 3” and take 4th place for this stage. I hope you are enjoying watching this experience as much as I did, doing it! Have a great weekend & HAPPY 4th of JULY!!


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