My Moroccan Experience…Part 1

Upon arriving in Morocco I had no idea what to expect. I knew it was a part of Africa, but I wasn’t real familiar with the culture there. My feelings were a mixture of anxiety and excitement. Not just because I was about to do the most amazing expedition of a lifetime, but because it was unfamiliar territory. It was my first time stepping foot on the African continent.

I went into the country of Morocco blindly, without any assumptions, concerns, or stereotypes. As I spent time there and was able to learn a little about their culture, I was impressed, and my eyes became opened to things about/in my life that I could improve. I learned a lot about myself, who I am, what I really care about, and what really matters. I can honestly say that it was more than an “expedition” for me, it was an enlightenment for me. On a less serious note,  it was also brought to my attention that I look kind of like the men in Morocco. I was told that I could pass for a Moroccan many times, while I was out there.

Altogether, my experience in the Kingdom of Morocco was amazing, and I would definitely go back. Thank you Morocco! You taught me so much.


One thought on “My Moroccan Experience…Part 1

  1. Robert – so much of Latino heritage is traceable back to Morocco and northern Africa from when the Moors invaded and controlled Spain from 711-1492. The Spanish culture, language, and even genetic looks then brought to the Western Hemisphere are richly infused with Arabic influences. Boricuas, Colombianos, or anywhere Latin América – in many ways Morocco is the land of our forefathers more so than Spain!

    Was pulling for you guys! Thanks for the further enlightenments in finding your website and blog. Obviously, your ‘Expedition Possible’ is just taking off! Saludos and best wishes ~

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