Episode 1…Sun! Sand! Sahara!

Watching episode 1 “Sun! Sand! Sahara!” was very exciting for myself and the other fans/supporters that showed up at Jimmy O’s last night. We packed the bar/restaurant up, standing room only to watch. I’d like to take this time to thank everyone that came out to support us. It was greatly appreciated. If you had as much fun as I did, you are still smiling today.

Now to the show…watching the expedition from a different perspective, I was a little disappointed. I felt like the things we accomplished on this stage of Expedition Impossible, was really down played and over-looked. First of all, the sand dune we walked up was tougher than they made it look, and the amount of effort it took to stay in the front of the pack was not really shown. I commend the “Gypsies” for paving the way up the sand dune and “Fab 3” for pushing us (oh yeah and finding the water…since we don’t have the brains). When you thought you were almost up the dune, there was another level to walk up. It was discouraging at times.

Secondly, we ran/walked for miles with blisters on our feet and fatigued bodies through a river, up & down rocky mountains to find the finish of stage 1 and all viewers got to see was teams crossing the finish line exhausted. I felt a little cheated, because it looked easier than it really was. In my opinion, regardless of what team is being shown, you have to show every part of the stage with the pain & perseverance moments, so at least people would know why we were crossing the finish line and falling to the ground, or crying tears of joy for accomplishing such an amazing feat.

On a more positive note, it was a pleasure to see the cast once again and see what I only heard about in camp at night. These people impressed me everyday, and I can honestly say I was blessed to have been in the presence of all of these teams, including the “Latin Persuasion.” Although, the first episode seemed to be a let down for me, I know what we accomplished and I’m proud of my team for finishing 3rd place. We made it another week! Stay tuned…



3 thoughts on “Episode 1…Sun! Sand! Sahara!

  1. Good job Robert. I was disappointed that you didn’t get much face time because I kept trying to tell all my friends and everytime I would say “There that’s him” the camera would turn away. LOL I am looking forward to watching your team in the coming weeks. I’m the leader of your east coast fan club! Much love! Jenn

  2. Robert,

    I really enjoyed the 1st episode, and as a Survivor & The Amazing Race fan, I know it’s expected to not see all the hardships the contestants go through. Your faces and body language say it all when you make it to the finish line.

    Though to us, the viewers, the final outcome is unknown…so may your team kick butt & give us some good telly.

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